JewelPie Love: Our favourite things in February

JewelPieLove - February


1. Pijama Houndstooth iPad cover RM 150,  from Kapok Tools, Borders
The neon pink iPad cover we are using now seems a little less interesting now we’ve seen this houndstooth one…

2. Pantry Magic Alphabet Cookie Cutter RM 72,  from Pantry Magic
We’re thinking of making some alphabet biscuits and putting together words with them!

4. Laura Ashely Silver Beaded Coasters,  RM 79 from Living Quarters, Metrojaya
To avoid unnecessarily spreading mayonaise on our table to remove water mark, we like using coasters. This snowflake shaped coaters embedded with silver beads is the most beautiful coaster we’ve laid our eyes on.

4. Kenwood Kitchen Mixer RM 2812, from
Last month we were contemplating to get a Kitchen Aid stand mixer. We’re giving ourselves some time to pick one and recently heard that Kenwood’s stand mixer is not bad.

5. Benetint cheek stain, RM 139 from Benefit
Sometimes lethargy makes us a little paler than we like. We like making three dates tonic drink and a drop of Benetint for a natural flush.

6. Dior Lady Rectangular Sunglasses, RM 1170 from Dior
It’s so sunny in Malaysia, we think everybody should have a pair of good sunglasses. We have our eyes on this classic Dior Lady sunnies.

What are your favourite things this month?

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