JewelPie in The Malay Mail (31.10.2013)

JewelPie was featured in a double-page centre spread in The Malay Mail. If you have a copy of yesterday’s paper, flip to page 24. It’s in Crave, a weekly food supplement in the Malay Mail. Even better, read it on The Malay Mail Online.

The Malay Mail

Lydia Koh, the reporter from The Malay Mail wrote what rings true about the lifestyle of young people today: “It’s not easy being a typical gen Y living in the city…young working adults often find themselves eating at a restaurant they cannot afford or ordering unhealthy takeaway due to their hectic lifestyles”

Here are some snippets from the article:

“She began to post photos of her homemade dishes online on social media and her friends encouraged her to share her life hacks, or shortcuts to increase efficiency”

“She decided to help fellow Malaysians with helpful tips by starting JewelPie, giving tutorials and step-by-step guides on how to live a healthier, simpler life”

“The response has been good so far, with approximately 30 percent growth in the number of visitors every month. If you search ‘Maggi Mee Goreng you will find JewelPie on top hit of Google Search”

“The enterprising young woman says that the site is about promoting work-life balance so she has to keep herself in check too when she runs her business”

JewelPie in The Malay Mail

If you found us through The Malay Mail (hello!) and would like to try some featured recipes and DIY, here it is:

Peanut Butter Banana Ice-cream
You don’t need an ice-cream maker or a lot of time to make ice-cream.

Watermelon Juice In Watermelon Bowl
We like to use the shell of the watermelon as a bowl. It’s pretty and you don’t have to wash a jug!

Colour-code your keys with nail polish
Have a nail polish which colour you don’t fancy? Paint it on your keys! It allows you to differentiate one key from another.

Petai Pizza
We’ve created this pizza using Malaysian’s favourite ingredients such as ikan bilis, petai, chillies and onions.

Alternative Uses Of Apple Corer
While we do review home products, the ‘onion cutter’ is actually just a regular apple corer. You can use it to cut things like onions and pears!

The Malay Mail

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