JewelPie’s Best Of October

October was such an exciting month for us! The top three highlights: 1) We’ve turned one year old, 2) Appeared in The Malay Mail (get a copy today!) and 3) got to know a lot more about you!

This birthday reminds us that JewelPie came about because friends and family started to ask for cooking and DIY beauty recipes, housekeeping tricks and quick fashion advice.

While we may not know you like we know our love ones, we hope to do so through JewelPie comment section, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Do talk to us by leaving a comment and tagging us @jewelPie.

1. JewelPie turns one!
We turned on 11th of October and celebrated with a lovely cake from Chewies Delight.

JewelPie Birthday


2. Banana Cinnamon Toast in 2 minutes
This quick recipe came about when we wanted to create something healthy, filling and can be prepared as quick as a packet of instant noodles.
banana cinnamon toast


3. 10 Clever kitchen tools you want in your kitchen
We’ve found a cool local e-shop selling fancy kitchen tools.clever kitchen tools


4. Congee in ziplock bag
Super handy when you’re not feeling too well or lazy to cook!

congee in ziplock bag

5. Edamame in 2 minutes
Making one of our favourite food to order at a Japanese restaurant right at home!



6. How to have beautiful, blown hair…fast
Blowing your hair takes too much time? We have 3 tips that can make it a little faster.

spray bottle for hair


7. Building A Basic Home Bar
Finally our bar is now looking more put together!

HOME PROJECT: The bar cart we put together at home


8. Three least fattening burgers at McDonalds
Do you know that Chicken Burger is different from McChicken ? The latter is a lot more fattening.

McDonadl's McChicken


9. Beauty or the geek?
With only one skirt, we put together two work outfit. One makes you look hot, another geeky.



10. Type faster with TextExpander
This amazing software is our current favourite and we see ourselves to be using it for a long time. It’s a MUST DOWNLOAD. Watch this clip to see how it makes typing so much faster!

11. PRODUCT REVIEW: Kenwood Citrus Press
Are you considering buying a citrus juicer? We’ve written about what we like and dislike about this particular model.

Kenwood Citrus Juicer


12. FISH AND OLIVE OIL cookbook giveaway
We were giving away free copies to our readers. We plan to have more of these giveaways in the future due to such warm response!

Fish And Olive Cookbook by Ayam Brand



13. How to make a great cheese burger
We’ve entered Burger Lab’s kitchen and learned the many tricks on creating an awesome burger!


14. How to make fake blood for Halloween?
Too lazy to dress up. Try making yourself look bloody in only 5 minutes!
fake blood

15. Apple Sandwich With Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chips
A quick and healthy snack.
apple sandwich

Finally, we are giving away some of our favourite things worth RM 1000! All that you need to do is to answer some questions here. Good luck!

JewelPie Birthday Box


What’s your favourite article this month? Let us know at the comments section below so that we can create more of them!

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