JewelPie Best Of April

We had an extremely busy April. Apart from working, we filled our days with entertaining family and friends with food and drinks. We’ve tried a few new things (e.g glossy magazine nails) and learn how to make some of our favourite food at home (e.g Maggi Mee Goreng).

1. Maggi Mee Goreng 15 minutes, 5 ingredients
We made Maggi mee goreng at home with the minimum ingredients.

Maggi Mee Goreng - JewelPie

2. DIY Glossy Magazine Nails
We transferred text from old fashion magazines onto our nails.

Magazine Nails - JewelPie

3. How we shop for groceries at TESCO e-shop? 6 Steps
We ordered groceries from TESCO e-shop via our tablet. Now it’s possible to have fresh food in our kitchen without stepping out of the house!

 How we bought groceries online from TESCO? 6 Steps

4. Virgin Mojito
We tried our hands on making mocktail at home. It’s so fun we’ll definitely be testing out different recipes!

Virgin Mojito -JewelPie

5. Anti-wrinkle sandalwood mask
In a book about Ayurvedic and Indian home remedies, we found a simple mask which helps prevent wrinkles.


6. Lifehack: Alternative Uses Of Apple Corer
We got creative with our apple corer and slicer and found that it can be used in many other ways.


7.  Roast tomato soup for great skin
Here’s one of our favourite vegetable soup. Not only it is delicious, it’s good for the skin too!

JewelPie - smoky tomato soup


8. Fast and Foolproof French Manicure
No precision or steady hands needed for our foolproof manicure.

JewelPie- Fast & Foolproof French Manicure

9. Mango breakfast parfait
We made a healthy, speedy and elegant breakfast using only 3 ingredients.

mangoparfait-JewelPie2 (1)

10. Hairpins storage using tic tac box
Keep hairpins in a tic tac box. We have some tips on how to remove the stubborn trace of glue with ease.

DIY hairpin storage in a Tic Tac box

11. Grow celery in a bowl of water
We saw on Pinterest that it’s possible to grow celery in a pot of water. So we tried!

Grow Celery In A Bowl Of Water - JewelPie

12. Keeping manual of appliances digitally
We use technology to help make our life easier. This month, we use Evernote to help us keep aand organise our boxes and manuals.


Did April treat you well?

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