Introducing “Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes” cookbook!

When I started JewelPie, I envision it to be a magazine that assist the lifestyle of the urban people: fast-paced, mostly healthy and occasionally decadent. JewelPie teach people to cook faster, eat healthier and indulge once in a while. That passion led to this cookbook: Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes.

30 Minutes Malaysian Meals by Sara

As a proud Malaysian, I wanted to show the world our local dishes and how easy it is to make them. As a sister, friend and founder of a lifestyle magazine which promotes health and work-life balance, I feel I have a duty to encourage my peers to start cooking easy and quick meals at home.

Malaysian Chicken Wings

About the author, me!
Hi! I’m Sara Khong, the founder of this magazine and the author of ‘Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes’. Like most of you, I’m not a trained chef and probably share the same reason to cook: to make nutritious meals for myself, family and friends.

Since I moved out of my home, my newly acquired habit of eating out all the time left me feeling tired and sick. Circumstances forced me to pick up the wok and cook. Before this, I cannot even fry an egg!

Through trials and errors, I collected many simple recipes and ways to speed up cooking. So I’ve learned that anybody can cook quickly – with the right recipe, method, tools and will-power.

Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes

This is more than a cookbook with beautiful photos
I personally have a lot of cookbooks in the shelf. However, there are not many that I have tried as they are not realistic or optimized for daily cooking. When I write this book, I wanted it to be a more than a recipe book with beautiful photos.

I hope that it will be a guideline to help and inspire busy people to make fast meals at home. I want people to look at the recipes and think, “Hey, I can make this too!”.

malaysian meals in 30 minutes dishes

What can you get in this book
This 165 pages book is fully coloured and printed on thick, glossy paper. It contains a collection of the simplest Malaysian recipes, tips and tools to speed up cooking and a suggested menu.

In the first few chapters, I introduced tools and appliances, includes heaps of tips to make cooking faster and mention ingredients that can be kept in your pantry for a longer time.

Recipes are divided into 5 sections: condiments, Rice & Noodles, Chicken & Fish, Vegetables & Tofu, Snack and Dessert and finally Beverages.

tools and tips to cook faster

Be the first 1000 buyers and receive a free Tupperware container
Readers of JewelPie would know that we always search for tools to make cooking faster. One of our favourite tools is Turbo Chopper from Tupperware (Click for review). So we partner with Tupperware Malaysia to bring to you a gift accompanying the book.

The first 1000 buyers after today will receive a free Tupperware container and discount coupon. This offer is available at selected MPH bookstores.


Where to buy
Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes is available at major bookstores in Malaysia such as MPH, Popular, Kinokuniya and Borders. It retails at RM 39.90.

My hope
This book is a labour of love. I’ve spent many months finding, tweaking and testing every recipe. I photograph each of the dishes and poured all the cooking tips I have gathered. I do hope this book helps you or someone you care about to make simple, fast and delicious home-cooked Malaysian meals.


Let me know what you think of this book. I look forward to share more recipes which can be realistically made at home by anyone and everyone.


Order ‘Malaysian Meals In 30 Minutes’ from MPH Online or pick up a copy at your nearest bookstore.

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