How we use Evernote Hello when meeting new friends

What do you do when your new friend pass you a business card? We’ll take a picture of the name card using Evernote Hello. We even try to return it when possible.


Save time & keeps business cards organised
Besides being environmental friendly, we find it to be a practical and time-saving approach. As get our contacts stored and organised immediately, there’s no need to review business cards or figure out if we want to keep or recycle it when we’re back home.


At Lazada’s first anniversary party, we met a lot of people and received many name cards. We created a tutorial to show you how we keep our new contact using Evernote Hello.


STEP 1: Choose “Scan a business card”
When you’re offered a business card, fire up Evernote Hello and choose “scan a business card”.


STEP 2: Scan business cards
Take a picture of the card at a 45 degree angle and at a contrasting background, if possible.JewelPie

STEP 3: Save information
When you snap a photo, all contact information (e.g name, number, email address) should automatically appear. Just click save.JewelPie
That’s it! Now that you have all contact information saved your smart phone. If the situation permits, you can even return the card to your new friend.

How do you keep information of your new contacts?

Download Evernote Hello.

Note: At the moment, ‘Scan a namecard’ feature is only available on iPhone. However, Evernote Hello app is available on android too.

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