How we shopped for a citrus juicer from Lazada? 5 steps

We’ve bought many things online (e.g clothes, tickets, books) but never electrical appliances. For the first time, we’ve decided to purchase an electrical item from an online store instead of a physical one.


Traditionally, we like to physically look and compare electrical items before buying one. We admit, we are much encouraged by the on going promotion at Lazada to make this purchase.

Here are 5 important steps we took when purchasing a citrus juicer from a reputable online store like Lazada,

STEP 1: Research
As we are not able to see the product or communicate with the sales person about the performance of the product, research is vital. We googled for the model ‘Kenwood Citrus Juicer JE290’ for more product information, videos and reviews.shoppingatlazada6

STEP 2: Order
Once we’ve decided to buy the citrus juicer, it’s time to place an order at the online store. We went to Lazada Malaysia website search for the particular citrus juicer and added it into our cart.

Shopping At Lazada

STEP 3: Pay
We’re glad to find that Lazada’s payment gateway is almost effortless. It was really just two clicks to sign up and complete the purchase. As it is our first purchase, we have to create a new account. The sign up page led us to a the payment page as well.

In a single page, we keyed in important personal details (email, address, phone number) and credit card details. Once we clicked confirm, the item was officially ours! An email to confirm the purchase was seen in our email shortly after.

Online Shopping For Electrical Appliances

STEP 4: Receive delivery
Two days after the purchase, we received a call from Gdex informing us that they are right outside our apartment. At about noon, the citrus juicer arrived at our doorstep. We’ve also received an SMS from Lazada to inform us that the citrus juicer is successfully shipped.

How We Shopped For A Citrus Juicer

STEP 5: Test
We immediately read the manual and tested the appliance to ensure that it works. Lazada offers 2 weeks returns if it doesn’t. We’re glad that the citrus juicer functioned as expected and we had our first glass of orange juice.How We Shopped For A Citrus Juicer

Have you bought any electrical appliances from an online store before?

*DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. Unrelated to JewelPie, we have personally obtained a RM 50 voucher from Lazada. We’ve paid for this product from our own pocket, as in every product featured in JewelPie.

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