How we organise our backlog of business cards

In our last few s Series, we talk about Evernote Hello, an extension of Evernote app that helps you remember people. We have spoken about:
1. What Evernote Hello can do for you
2. How to use Evernote at a party (organize new contacts)


This time, we’ll talk about managing a backlog of name cards.

Before using Evernote Hello, we keep all cards in a box. When we thought of someone that we want to contact, we’ll have to flip through it one by one. It’s a very inefficient.


Now, we have a plan to organize all name cards into Evernote, a free digital notebook, using an app call Evernote Hello. Here’a  step-by-step tutorial on how we do it.


STEP 1: Download Evernote Hello
Download Evernote Hello here. If you want to find out more, here’s a simple explanation on what it is about.

To make your life even more organised, we suggest you to also download Evernote.


STEP 2: Create a notebook entitle “Business cards”
We created a notebook under name cards. In the future, all your contacts will be stored under this folder in Evernote.


STEP 3: Take photos (i.e ‘scan business card’)
Fire up Evernote Hello, click “Scan business cards” and take a photo. The app will automatically save contacts details like name and phone number. Do note that some cards might not be clear and you might have to fill in the details manually.

This is the time to discards cards you obviously don’t need (e.g the card which the salesman force upon you which you were too kind to reject). Scan all your cards and recycle the physical copies.


Now, you’ll have all your contacts digitised. Whenever you need to search for somebody, just fire up Evernote or Evernote Hello on your computer, tablet or smart phone, it’ll all be in once place.

In the future, when you receive a business card, quickly snap a photo. That way, your contacts will always be organised and there’s less mess at your home too.

How do you normally keep your business cards?

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