How to wear fur…without looking like you are trying too hard

One of the reason why many women avoid wearing faux fur for fear of looking over-the-top. How can you wear fur but still look effortlessly stylish or elegant?


Look one : For beginner
If you are new with wearing anything furry, start with something small. Try a furry vest over a simple dress. The vest should only be a piece that gives an extra definition but does not function as a statement piece. This  outfit will make you look effortlessly edgy and you won’t feel awkward for your first time wearing fur.fur for beginner

1. Wool dress in white, H&M, RM119
2. Reversible waistcoat, H&M, RM149
3. Tri-lock crossbody bag, TOPSHOP, RM329
4. Leggings, MANGO, RM99
5. Ankle boot, ZARA, RM319
6. Rocket Volume Express Mascara, MAYBELLINE

Look two: For the bold
If you are more daring, choose a statement piece such as a faux fur jacket. Make sure it’s a fitting, not an oversized piece. We chose a fur jacket in brown, a neutral colour. This way, its easier for you to match it with other items. fur for the daring


1. Leather clutch, ZARA, RM299
2. Fur cropped jacket in deep ginger, TOPSHOP, RM1376
3. Belt, TOPSHOP, RM99
4. Jersey Skirt, H&M, RM39
5. Lipstick SHISEIDO 
6. Peep toe shoe boots, TOPSHOP, RM396

Note: We strictly against real fur for clothes. All of the recommended fur items listed are FAUX FUR.

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