How to peel petai efficiently

Petai is like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. From abhoring its strong smell, we’ve learned to enjoy these green gems with a distinct fragrance and taste.


Normally, we buy the peeled petai at the supermarket (it saves a lot of work!). This time, we bought a huge bunch of the rare beans in their original form at Bidor, Perak. These petai are grown by the aborigines in the jungle! As elated as we were of this encounter, we have a problem: how to remove them efficiently?


how to peel petai

  1. With a pair of scissors, cut away the sides of the straps of petai. This way, it is easier to crack the hard fibre that holds the petai.
  2. Crack open the harder outer layer of the petai using your hands.
  3. You will see that each bead is protected with a layer of rubber-like material. Peel it off with your fingers.

That’s how you can get these delicious beans efficiently! If you have some at home, try our petai pizza recipe.

petaiDo you love or hate petai?

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