How to order food from restaurant via Foodpanda (free first delivery)

I’ve heard of Foodpanda for a while now; it’s a delivery company which helps you buy food from restaurants and send it to you home. As a cook, it didn’t appeal to me. When I choose to eat out, it is either I have a meeting appointment, in between running chores or catch up with friends. Somehow, ordering food delivery from a restaurant didn’t make sense. I would rather order from independent health food delivery services which food I cannot try at brick-and-mortar restaurant.

After trying Epic Fit Meals Co., I do like the instant gratification of having lunch (that is not pizza) delivered to me in an hour. I think many people would appreciate the convenience. One morning, I decided to not cook spaghetti aglio olio as planned but have lunch delivered to me instead.

food panda delivery

Foodpanda has online menus of delivery restaurants around your area. You can enter your post code and search for cuisine type, restaurants or price range.



1. Choose your delivery area
Insert your area and postcode to search for restaurant near you.

2. Choose a restaurant you’ll like to order from
I was given a choice of 42 restaurants including popular restaurants (e.g Italiannies and Sakae Sushi) and less known ones (e.g Fugu Japanese Restaurant and Nyonya Signature)

3. Check out the menu and order
I felt like eating vegetarian meal, so I checked out the menu in highly-rated Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian. To get free delivery, there must be a minimum order of RM 25. So I ordered a main dish and a dessert.

4. Pay via cash or card
Payment can be made online or via cash delivery. I chose the later as it’s more convenient for me.



I ordered Organic Lei Cha (RM 16.90) and Longan Coral Seaweed dessert (RM 5.90). Foodpanda charges RM 4 delivery fees on top of service fees and 6% GST. For lunch which cost almost RM 23, I will have to pay additional RM 9. In my opinion, its quite a hefty price to pay especially if you’re ordering for one.

However, I took advantage of a RM 10 voucher available for first delivery. So my total bill was about RM 22 instead of RM 32.


While I did say the service does not appeal to me, I understand that everyone lifestyle is different. I thought of a few scenarios in which you will appreciate Foodpanda’s service:

  • When you unexpectedly have to stay back in your office and craving for something more than fast-food.
  • When you’re not feeling to well and would like better quality food.
  • When you have unexpected guest and have nothing decent at home to offer them.


  • There is no doubt about the convenience of the service and the ease of use of the app.
  • Having tried a few health delivery services, my conclusion is that if you want convenience you will have to fork out more money.
  • If I have one wish, it would be ordering from two different restaurant. I had initially wanted to order a bottle of green juice from another restaurant. However, it seems that you can only make an order from ONE restaurant, not a few of them.

Check out Foodpanda and enjoy RM 10 off your bill for your first order!

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