Making blue water, naturally

We think one of the most important thing to do when hosting a party is to ensure there is enough of clean water, preferably filtered and boiled. Perhaps, we are rather health-conscious ourselves, when given an options, we try to drink less carbonated drinks.

ocean water

We normally like to serve water flavoured with lime from a pretty glass jar. However, at our last sea-themed party, we decided to turn drinking water into blue and create a mini ocean in our punch bowl. We call it ocean water!

butterflypea flower

Remember how we made blue coloured rice with butterflypea flower? We use the same dried flower for our ‘ocean water’. We harvested it from a garden and keep the dried flower in a air-tight container.

Blue rice with butterfly pea flower

Pour half a cup of hot water into a glass filled with a tablespoon of dried butterfly pea flower. It will immediately turn into deep blue. Drain the blue liquid. Gradually add the coloured liquid into a punch bowl until you reach the hue that you want.

ocean water

We think its best displayed in a see-through glass punch bowl. Add a food tag with the word ‘Ocean Water’ or ‘Sea Water’. The flower does not lend any taste. If you like to spice up  your drink, you can squeeze some lime in it.

ocean water

Do you use natural dye in your cooking?

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