How to make your first terrarium with Aloe Vera and Lego People

Bringing nature into my home has always been a dream; one that I mistakenly thought is far-fetched for someone who doesn’t have much time and travels frequently. Afterall, plants are living things that needs to be tended to thrive and will die when neglected, right? Well, not really if you know the way.


I tried to buy some hardy plants to create a mini, air-filtering garden (Read: 3 air-filtering plants under RM 50. I left it for about ten days and they survived! Another interesting and possibly easier way to have some greenery at home is to have terrariums.


What is a terrarium?
Terrarium is a miniature world in a glass jar. You create a landscape – whether a magical rainforest or parched dessert with threatening cacti – using natural materials and display it in a glass jar. It’s an easy and beautiful way to bring nature into your home without having a garden.



How to make a simple terranium?
You can put multiple plants and moss, different stones and sand, shells and trinkets, into your terranium. It could be big or small, laid on a table or hung to a ceiling. However, for most of us who do not have access to all these materials, we can make a simple terranium using readily available materials.

While flipping through ‘Terranium Craft’, I was so inspired to make my own terrarium, immediately and without delay. So I scoured all the things I have at home for this new project. With a beautiful aloe vera from Free Tree Society and a glass jar I normally use a vase, I created a parched dessert with two lost Lego people asking for help.


Glass jar (food jar) tfa
Succulent plants (e.g aloe vera, cactus)
Sand/ stones
Lego people


  1. Clean your jar. As it’s meant to be admired, you want a clean and clear, not dirty, glass jar.
  2. Remove plant from the container.
  3. Pour soil into the jar. Pour it slowly and make sure the soil does not dirty the glass. You could also use a plastic spoon.
  4. Give it a shake or two to level sand. DSCF1752
  5. Lower plant into the terranium.
  6. Settle and arrange plant in the terranium.
  7. Slowly put stones into the jar.
  8. Arrange your lego people.




  • Ideally, the book recommends using beautiful sand and pebbles, which unfortunately I didn’t have at home and couldn’t find in a nursery. So I use small, grey stones.
  • I would have prefer my mini dessert to be filled with sand. However, the person at the nursery advised me to get sand from the beach and the sand there were coarse and not as pretty. So the next time you’re at the beach, get a scoop of sand. Perhaps you can get some corals and shells too to create a beach theme terrarium.
  • Beware of overwatering because terrarium has no drain holes. The best way is to mist it with spray bottle.
  • A general watering rule for succulents growing indoors in bright, indirect light is about quarter to half a cup every 7 to 10 days for 2-inch plants.
  • Note that sealed terrarium is not suitable for succulents.

terrarium garden

Do try it and tag us on Facebook or Instagram! We’ll love to see how yours turn out!

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