How to make fake blood for Halloween? (5 ingredients, 3 minutes)

Do you have a Halloween party to attend but you’re too busy to dress up? Looking tired from lack of sleep and overworking do not count!

fake blood

Try not to appear without looking like you did not put any effort. We have an idea to make you look scary in just 3 minutes! You probably have all the materials in your kitchen and office


> Glue
> Flour
> Red colouring (We are unable to find red colouring. Hence, we use ‘rose pink’ instead)
> Cotton
> Water

Step-by-step tutorial to create fake blood

fake blood haloween

  1. To create fake blood, mix flour, water and red food colouring.
  2. With a spoon or a brush, apply the fake blood mixture onto the skin.
  3. To create an effect as though  your skin is peeling off, apply glue on your skin and put shredded cotton on it.
  4. Put on more ‘blood’ on the cotton. To make it more realistic, spread the blood to make it look as though it is ‘dripping’.

fake blood

You can apply the fake blood liberally on your arms, hands, neck and legs. Just a word of caution: you would need to scrub your skin quite hard to remove the red residue.

Will you be trying this?

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