How to make Burger Lab’s awesome fries at home

We like to try popular food fads and are often left disappointed; however we feel that the food at Burger Lab definitely does not disappoint. Despite the fact that we value our time immensely, Burger Lab’s burgers and fries are really worth queuing up for.

While savouring our burgers in the jam-packed restaurant, we wondered how they managed to make the burger and fries so good that eager foodies wait for them in line. So we asked and the friendly people at Burger Lab allowed us into their kitchen to learn the secret to their awesome fries!

Malaysia Burger Lab Fries

The first thing we noticed is that Burger Lab is aptly named. There is science in every step and precision in the temperature and amount of ingredients.

Due to all the technicalities, special tools and quality ingredients which are not sourced from regular supermarkets, it will be difficult to replicate the fries at home. However, we can make regular fries a lot better with a few tricks from Burger Lab.

Malaysia Burger Lab Fries3


> Garlic clove, 5 pieces
> Thick cut fries with skin
> Dried Rosemary and Thyme
> Salt (90% Salt, 10% Sugar mix)
> Oil with high peanut oil content


My Burger Lab

  1. Make sure the fries are frozen. No one likes limp fries.
  2. Once the oil is heated up to 180°C or starting to smoke, dump the fries into the fryer with a few cloves of garlic.
  3. Fry for about 4 to 6 minutes. Take note on the colour once they start to float. For a crispier result, lift the fries out at the 4th minute. Rest for a minute then fry it again till light golden brown. Lift up fries from oil an let it drain.
  4. Season with salt and sugar mix to taste and a gentle coating of 50:50 chopped rosemary and thyme. It’ll do wonders to the fries.
  5. Serve hot with sauce of choice!

Malaysia Burger Lab Fries


  • Make sure fries are not ‘overcrowded’ in the oil. All fries should be submerged in oil till they are cooked and will naturally start to float when done.
  • Allow time to drain out the oil. Let it sit and rest for 1 to 2 minutes over a strainer or some paper towels. Change towels if necessary.

Are you a fan of Burger Lab fries too?


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