How to make block origami box for snacks & stuff

When we were kids, we’ve probably folded some paper planes, boats and cranes. Do you remember how much fun you had doing simple things like that? Why not rediscover your forgotten interest in origami and make something pretty and useful? A good start with be a block snack box.

JewelPie Origami Snack Box

This origami is very easy to fold yet create something that looks complicated. What is cool about this project is that you get to assemble a few folded papers into a box. It’s like paper Legos!

You need to fold the a base pattern. Make four and put them together!

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Square papers
Ruler (Optional)

JewelPie Origami Snack Box


PART 1: Making the base

  1. Crease the paper in half.
  2. Fold the top edge to the centre crease.
  3. Fold in half (from side to side), crease and unfold.
  4.  Turn the paper over. Crease the lower right diagonal and unfold.
  5. Fold the lower left corner to the centre.
  6. Now, it’s time to fold it into the ‘base’ we were talking about. Swing the triangular flap towards the opposite side (Can’t do this? Scroll down for further instructions).


PART 2: Putting the base together

  1. Make three more of the base. You need four of them.
  2. Put two of them together by sliding one into another.
  3. Repeat with another two. Now you have two pairs.
  4. Slide in each pair, slowly and gently, until they are tight together to form a box.

JewelPie Origami Snack Box 6


  • The recommended size for this origami is 15 cm (6 in) square light or medium-weight paper.
  • You can get origami paper from Daiso.
  • Use a ruler to create sharp crease. On top of making a box looks prettier, sharp crease will make it easier to assemble the boxes together.
  • The tricky part is to make the flat origami into 3D (Part 1, Step 6). If you’re still confused, check out this video.

JewelPie Origami Snack Box origami box


  • Now you have some pretty boxes ready for snacks like candies, chocolates and chips. Not only it looks pretty, you can just throw it away after the party. Yes, it’s a presentable and disposable dish!
  • It can be used to store stationery like paper clips, hair accessories or small jewellery.

JewelPie Origami Snack Box

if you make this, do tag us on Facebook or Instagram! We’ll love to see how yours turned out!

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