How to make restaurant-like seafood soup

If you want to cook something extraordinary to impress someone, this seafood soup recipe from Mediteca makes the cut. Granted, compare to the rest of the recipes in JewelPie, this soup is not the easiest to make. However, we promise you that it will be worth it.

JewelPie: Mediteca's Seafood Soup

The key to Mediteca’s menu is fresh produces and ingredients. It is much more apparent in seafood which compared to meat, deteriorate much faster. All the ingredients are made from scratch. We are particularly enchanted by the homemade crab bisque, fish stock and picana. A lot of effort and ingredients are put into them.

JewelPie: Seafood Soup

Tips on making seafood soup at home

  • To make it simpler, you can just use fish fillet and prawns- two seafood that are easier to obtain in regular supermarkets.
  • Snapper, seabass, cod, haddock or sardine is recommended. The most important thing can is getting the freshest fish you can put your hands on.
  • Picana is used to thicken the broth. You can also used mashed potato or skip it entirely.
  • How to make Picana? Grind these ingredients until it turn into a paste: lightly roasted almond (20 g), toasted pinenut (20 g), roasted garlic (10 g), white bread (40 g), italian parsley (5 g), olive oil (10 g) and salt.

JewelPie: Seafood Soup


> Mussels and clam x 180 g
> Squid x 40 g
> Fish fillet x 90 g
> Prawn x 60 g / 2 large
> Crab bisque x 75 g
> Fish stock x 90 g
> White wine x 15 g
> Garlic, chopped x 3 g
> Onions, chopped x 3 g
> Leek, chopped x 3 g
> Parsley, chopped x 2g
> Basil, sliced x 2 g
> Picana x 15 g


JewelPie: Mediteca's Seafood Soup

1. Put all seafood in a pan with sautee chopped garlic, onions and leek.
2. Deglaze the pan with white wine.
3. Pour the crab bisque and fish stock.
4. Squeeze the cherry tomato into the pan.
5. Let it simmer for a while then put the chopped parsley and sliced basil.
6. Season to taste. And lastly put the picana to emulsify the soup.
7. Pour soup into a huge bowl. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil and garnish with a slice of toast bread.

JewelPie: Seafood Soup

Due to the generous ingredients, this soup can make a meal on its own. Serve it in a huge bowl to display the beautiful seafood.

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