How to have instant homemade food? Freezer meals!

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JewelPie - Frozen Tomato Soup

Due to work and family commitment, many of us have little time and energy left to cook. But we know that relying on fast food and eating out all the time put strain to our health and happiness.

JewelPie - Frozen Tomato Soup

So at JewelPie, we advocate cooking easy meals and adopting smart idea to make living at home simpler and healthier. One of the best solution that works for us is making freezer meals.

JewelPie - Frozen Tomato Soup
> Vegetable soup, cooked from scratch
> Glass containers with lid (We use Pyrex)

Freezer Meal

  1. Cook a pot of soup. You can try our roast tomato soup here.
  2. Scoop soup into separate containers. Let chill.
  3. Put them in the freezer.
  4. Remove frozen soup from the freezer.
  5. Steam the soup or pop it in the microwave.

JewelPie - Frozen Tomato Soup

This is the tomato soup we’ve made the very first time using tomato puree instead of canned whole tomatoes

One of the days where we have more time in hand and in fairly good mood, we’ll cook a big batch of food. They’ll be kept in separate glass containers. As I cook only for myself, I put in in an individual portion.
JewelPie - Frozen Tomato Soup 3

Whenever we have no time to cook, we can heat it up over the stove or pop it into the microwave. To make it even more palatable, garnish with fresh basil or spring onions. If you don’t have any, sprinkle with dried parsley, basil or oregano.

JewelPie - Frozen Tomato Soup

That’s a healthy, quick and elegant meal at home.

Do you make freezer meals too? We only have a few dishes in our repertoire. Share with us your recipe!

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