How to have beautiful, blown hair….fast! 3 tips

I’m the kind of girl who is only willing to spend five minutes on putting on make-up or set my hair but wants to make it seems like I’ve took all day. At the busiest point of my life, I had a low-maintenance hairstyle, brush it in the morning and apply some hair oil to keep it in place.

When I’ve gotten a Cleopatra-like hairstyle many months ago, I have no choice but to blow my hair almost daily. My hairdresser and I expected incorrectly that my hair should be fine without blowing. At the beginning, I find it to be a complete waste of my time in the morning. Then I found some tricks to make it faster and easier.

hair dyer

1. Put everything you need together
It’s the same old trick; put everything you need together so you save time collecting things you need. So my hair dryer, spritz bottle, comb and hair oil are always beside each other. You may need other things like hairsprays and clips.

2. Get a spritz bottle and filled with water
I used to go to the washroom to wet my hair before blowing it. Since I get the spritz bottle, I don’t have to anymore. Fill it to brim so you don’t have to always refill it. I love to fill the bottle with purified water and added some lavender essential oil which lightly perfume my hair.

spray bottle for hair

3. Don’t unplug the hairdryer so that you don’t have to plug it everyday.
I used to make this mistake as I use the same plug point to charge my phone. Get a three-way multi-plug if you have to. Get it from Ace Hardware or Lazada.

3-way plug

These are small but significant changes which will help you save a lot of time. It is possible to have good looking hair fast!

Do you blow your hair daily? How much time do you spend doing it?

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