How to draw a sleeping cat? 6 steps

When was the last time you draw something on a piece of paper? Can’t remember? Well, its time to pick up a marker pen and wake up the artist in you! Doodling can be highly therapeutic. Let’s start with everyone’s favourite pet: cats! Cats are wonderfully cute creatures. It’s furry and it purrs. We like them most when it laze on the sofa and sleep

Even if you can’t draw to save your life, check out some doodling books. We love 20 Ways To Draw a Cat, a book by Julia Kuo, in which we learned how to draw a lazy cat. If you love doodling or want to learn to draw, this book will help you tremendously.

20 ways to draw


sketchpad and sharpie


  1. Draw a circle. That’s the head.
  2. Now, give your cat a body. Think of it as a big, fat inverted U.
  3. Give it some legs.
  4. Draw its tail and then its ears.
  5. Now, its time to give some details. Draw the nose, eyes and whiskers.
  6. Add some stripes and colour its ears.

Now, what do you do with your new skills? Plenty. You could decorate a greeting card with something you draw, illustrate your diary, or teach a child how to draw. We use it to decorate our office board. It looks so much more personal and appealing than before. You don’t need to draw of a sketch pad, you can draw on post-it notes or even scrap papers. Be creative!

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Do try it and tag us on Facebook or Instagram! We’ll love to see how yours turn out!

20waystodrawacat20 Ways To Draw A Cat 20 Ways to Draw a Cat is a fun animal drawing book. Besides cats, there are also a lot of other animals you can draw, such as giraffes, tigers, frogs, snails, whales and many more. For each animal, there are 20 illustrated examples and empty space left on the pages to draw on. The artworks are really nice and aimed at kids. They are a mixture of black and white line art, line art with colours, and full coloured drawings. They are nothing too complicated and anyone can just look at them and draw, either follow in style or come up with one from imagination. There are a total of 900 drawings. The book comes with a special binding allows it to be laid down perfectly flat for drawing.
RM 59.90.



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