How to decorate your dressing table? 5 things

A beautiful space always lift our spirit. We pay special attention to a few spaces at home that we spend most time at.

The couch beside the coffee table where we read and relax after a long day and the kitchen counter where we prepare nutritious meals get most of our attention.

No matter how little time we have, we always make sure these spaces are always neat, beautiful and inviting. Today, we will focus on adding simple touches to any dressing table.JewelPie-organise cosmetics with glass jar and coffee beans

1. Tray
A tray serves as an instrument to place cosmetics you want to display. It’s make them look neater.
WEAVE & WEAVE bamboo serving tray RM 49


2. Glass jars
Organise your cosmetics in glass jars and beans. Get a variety of glasses in different height and width, fill them in with beans and poke your cosmetics in it.
Canister  RM 27.90, Glass RM 48



3. Frame
Decorate your dressing table with a photoframe with your favourite beauty quote (We have some ideas here). Our favourite is “You can never be overdressed or overeducated”
Fjallsta Frame RM 49.90 and Sondrum Frame RM 29.90 from IKEA


4. Scented candle
Scented candles make lovely additions to any space. We especially like to place it at our dressing table, alongside other things that are made to make us look better.
Tilley Mangolia and Green Tea RM 69, Tilley Peony RoseRM 69

tilley candle


5. Flowers
As a finishing touch, place a vase and a few stalks of fresh flowers. A more practical way is getting artificial flowers. These days, you can hardly tell the difference between real and imitation flowers. Flowers from IWannaGoHome

peach blossom




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