How to deal with clogged pores & remove blackheads effectively?

One of the biggest problem that we face is a nose filled with unappealing blackheads. Nobody wants a nose that looks like a strawberry! Well, what can we do? Many of us like to squeeze out the clogged blackheads with our fingers. Stop immediately! It is only going to make matter worst. After scouring many beauty books in search for tips from expert, here’s what we believe is the best method to remove blackheads:

Pinching blackheads with your fingers
Chizu Saeki, a reknown practicing esthetician and beauty consultant in Japan, warned against pushing our the dirt with fingers. This matter, though effective and easy, ruins your skin in a long run and further enlarge your pores. Even though you feel satisfied having them removed, the skin will redden and harden, causing the pores to be more obvious than usual.

Reducing the appearance of large pores 
What is pores? They are essentially holes. To make them appear smaller, the trick is to plump out the skin around them.

Two-steps method to make pores stand out less: lotion mask & ice-cubes
One of Chizu Saeki’s method is using ‘lotion mask’. Imagine your face is a piece of paper. If you spray water on the paper, the water will eventually evaporate. But if you put a damp towel on the paper and let it sit for a while, the paper will absorb the water and become moist.

Using this principle, Chizu Saeki recommends that instead of putting lotion direction on the face, put it on a damp cotton first before placing it on your face. After plumping the skin, she tightens the pores by cooling down the skin with ice-cubes wrapped in cling wrap. She recommends doing this two-steps routine everyday.

How to make lotion mask
In the book, Chizu uses a larges 6 x 3 inches cotton pad. However, regular cotton pad is only 2 x 2.5 inches. Nevertheless this is big enough for the nose. How to make lotion mask for the nose:

  1. Wet a cotton pad with water and lightly squeeze.
  2. Saturate the pad with some lotion
  3. Pull the pad apart in layers.
  4. Cover your nose with the thin pads saturated with lotion  for 3 minutes.

How to remove blackheads
What do you do if you can’t push out the blackheads with your fingers? Chizu Saeki suggests washing your face with an exfoliating facial scrub once a week. Using your fingers, gently scrub your nose in a circular motion.

Now get the necessary tools and start making your nose plump and clean!


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