How to create a functional & beautiful kitchen corner

JewelPie believes that both form and function can co-exist. We apply this philosophy to decorate our rather bare kitchen. A beautiful one will make cooking much more enjoyable.


As our current home is a place that we won’t be staying for long, we did not do any renovation to our kitchen. Yet, we don’t want to sacrifice style for practicality.


So we thought we’ll create a beautiful corner that’s easy to assemble and functional. This corner is the area we prepare fresh produce to cook.



1. Knife block set
A good set of knives is one of the top kitchen utensils that will help make cooking easier. We invested in a set of  Zwiling knives. This stylish knife block keep all our knives organised.

Apart from it’s top quality which make chopping and slicing a breeze, we love the wood which makes the kitchen earthy and elegant.


2. Chopping board and separator
We have quite a few chopping boards. To keep our chopping boards organised, we store them with a plate separator. More information here.


3. Brightly coloured bowls
We stacked up coloured bowls in alternating colours. As we love pop of bright colour around the house, fiery red and sunny yellow were chosen. They make us feel so energetic and happy to cook.

To make cooking easier and organised, we always place cut ingredients into different bowls. We like how easy it is to reach out to one of these right after we chop the ingredients.


4. Vase with pandan leaves
We wanted to inject some greens in our kitchen and have tried putting fresh flowers. However, we find it a luxury we are only able to enjoy every now and then.

A better idea would be a keeping pandan leaves in a tall and narrow glass filled with water. Not only is it beautiful and lasting, we find it extremely convenient to flavour our rice and drinks. Check out our ginger lemongrass tea and pandan flavoured sugar.


5. Champagne bottle
A large space is needed to do work hence all decor should take as little space as possible. That’s especially if it serves little function.

We’ve gotten a bottle of limited edition of MOET last Valentine’s Day. It was so beautiful we kept the bottle. Now it found a new home at our kitchen corner.


6. Bin
One of the most useful tip we learned from Rachael Ray is to keep a small bin on a counter top. We chose a bright yellow one to complement our kitchen colour scheme.

Everytime before we cook, we’ll lined it with a plastic bag. Peels and seeds will go into it immediately after cutting.


Elegance and beauty need not necessarily be expensive and impractical. We’ve put together our kitchen corner with a mix of quality products and reasonably priced items from dollar shop and supermarkets.


Do you decorate your kitchen? Share with up some tips!

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