Things for a relaxing space at home

Our hectic lifestyle burdened us with much stress and worries. Hence we believe it is essential to create a space at home that is meant for relaxation. It is where you rest your tired body and unwind after a long day at to create a relaxing space at home

Fabric sofa from XZQT, One Utama

This space should be comfortable, beautiful and smells lovely. So we picked a soft couch with a fluffy pillow, a blanket you can snug in, a vase of roses and callalily, fruit tea and aromatherapy burner with calming lavender oil. Pastel colour palette and wood accent make the area calming, natural and pretty.
Creating a relaxing space at home

1. Soft fabric pillow from Iwannagohome!
2. Black and white striped throw from IKEA
3. Two-seat pink sofa from IKEA
4. Glass tea cup from House of Presentation
5. Rose and Callalily in vase from Iwannagohome!
6. Passionfruit Orange Tea from BOH
7. Bamboo Tray from Aino Living
8. Lavender essential oil from ZALORA,
9. Essential oil burner from ZALORA

how to create a relaxing space at home- JewelPie

Sit down and put your legs up, curl up with your love one, close your eyes and daydream, read a good book or do nothing at all.

Where do you relax at home?

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