How to carve a rose from a tomato (3 minutes)

You may not realise that we eat with our eyes as much as we eat with our tongues. The word ‘flavour’ takes into account not only what taste our tastebuds can detect; but also the smell, the texture, and the presentation of our food.

Beautiful food whet our appetite and enhance our dining experience. That is why after preparing my everyday meals, I’ll try to arrange them nicely on a plate and use my best utensils (I have a weakness for pretty serveware. I really eat with all the cute plates and bowls, cutlery and chopsticks holders you see in this site!).

On special occasion such Chinese New Year, I even make food carving on top of beautiful dining ware. One that is incredibly easy to make is carving an edible rose from a tomato.

How To Carve A Rose From A Tomato - JewelPie


  • Tomato
  • Sharp knife


How To Carve A Rose From A Tomato - JewelPie


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