APP REVIEW: How to call for a taxi via MyTeksi app?

Forget about waiting and hailing for a taxi. Getting a ride home can be much faster, easier and safer through MyTeksi, an app which connects you to nearby taxi drivers. The few times I used its service, I managed to hire a taxi in mere minutes.

MyTeksiThe app provides information such as the taxi driver’s name, number plate and an estimated fee. There are two caveats: 1) You will need internet connection on your smart phone 2) You will need to pay extra charge of RM 2 (which I think is a small price to pay for the convenience).

Here’s how to use MyTeksi app:

STEP 1: Key in location
As soon as you launch MyTeksi app in your smart phone, key in where you want to go and your current location. It is a good idea to write additional information in ‘Notes to driver’ such as the colour of the clothes you are wearing. It helps the drivers identify you easily.

My Teksi

STEP 2: Confirm booking
The app will automatically confirm your booking in 10 seconds. For immediate booking, click ‘skip’.  This is also the time to cancel it if you change your mind.


STEP 3: Locate drivers
Once the booking is confirmed, MyTeksi will automatically locate five drivers nearest to you. Once a taxi driver is assigned to you, you will be told how many minutes the taxi is away, its number plate, the drivers name and his phone number.

My Teksi

STEP 4: Get on the taxi!
Each taxi registered under MyTeksi will have a sticker on its side windscreen. Now, you just have to get into the taxi and you will be taken to your desired destination!


Gone are the days where I have to wait forever for a taxi. Even when I’m in a place where there is no taxi stands around, I know I can get a willing driver to take me home with just a few clicks of a button.

Download MyTeksi on App Store, Google Play & Windows.
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