6 ways to chop onions without tears

Why does chopping onions makes you cry? When cells of the onions are damaged by knife, it releases sulfuric gas compound which stings the eyes. I am extremely sensitive to this gas; cutting onions always reduced me to tears. I cry so much over it that while chopping a huge amount of onions, I came up with a joke “If a jerk is a vegetable he would be an onion because he makes you cry”. You can imagine my delight when I found some ways to not trigger my tear duct when chopping one of the most common ingredient in an Asian kitchen.


1. Use an apple slicer and corer
Because you chop the onions in one swift motion, you have little chance to allow chemicals in onions to sting your eyes.

2. Chilling onions in the fridge before chopping
If you were going to peel a lot of onions such as making sambal, put them in a container and chill it in the fridge. It really does work!

soak onions in water

3. Soak onions in cold water
You can also soak them in a bowl of cold water.

4. Wipe lime juice on knife before cutting onions
While it may work, we think this could be too much trouble…


5. Use a goggle
A goggle prevent the stinging gas from reaching your eyes. But then again, unless we peel buckets of onions everyday, this option is not very practical.

6. Use a special chopper
Chop onions with in a container with blades. Check out our review on this Turbo Chopper.

Tupperware Malaysia Onion Chopper

We’ve heard other of ways such as chewing on bubblegum but that’s just a myth.

Do you cry a lot when you chop onions?

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