How do we keep our shopping list in an app? 6 TIPS

P for ProductivityJewelPie shared  the top five apps for creating a shopping list in your smart phone. Today I’m going to show you how I personally use one of the app.

How do we use app for grocery shopping
I fall under the ‘organized and busy’ shopper category and I find Tap Groceries works for my lifestyle. What’s important for me is that I get everything that I want in a systematic and quick manner.

1. Create different shopping list
I create different shopping list according to shops e.g supermarket, pharmacy, etc. When I visit the supermarket I just need to check my list to see what I need to get there.


2. Adding items into according to categories
I buy different things in different shops. In each shop, I will add all items I normally buy. They are also divided into categories.


3. Create new categories according to your needs
I created a few new categories like “Non-halal”, “Health food” and “Dried seafood”. It make shopping at specialty store much easier.
How do we personally use grocery app?

4. Shop according to aisle
All supermarkets are organized according to different products such as ‘Dairy’ and ‘Frozen Food’. At one aisle, I know everything I need e.g butter, milk and yoghurt the Dairy section. It helps avoid having to come back to the section again because I forgot something.


5. Strike off items
Striking off the items one by one allows me to see what is remaining in my shopping list. When nothing is left, I know I’ve completed my shopping and its time to go.


6. Add to-buy into phone
When I’m in the kitchen and realize that I’m running low on something, I’ll immediately add it in my phone. By the time I go to the supermarket, I would already have a list of all the things I need to buy stored in my phone.


I like this app as it allows me to add new categories for easy organization, it is user-friendly and has a huge database of products so I don’t have to key in one by one.

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