Hosting a party at home? 10 gadgets to make it a hit!

Malaysians love socialising through eating. Food is undeniably the magic that binds people together. How often do meet up with friends somewhere that is not a restaurant? However, we’ve heard cries that eating out is burning a bigger pocket of late, especially after the implementation of goods and services tax (GST). So what do we do? Well, host a party at home of course. To add pizzazz to you party, we’ve round up a few interesting things…

1. Popcorn maker
This cute popcorn maker is ideal for any parties especially movie night marathons. It turns fresh popcorn kernels into popcorn in just 2 minutes! As oil is not required, this machine is easy to clean too.
Popcorn maker RM 125

Popcorn maker

2. Pan grill
With this pan grill, you can make cool party food such as satay. Spice up a storm and cook a variety of meat, poultry, sausage, seafood and vegetables with its non-stick surface and removable tray for easy cleaning.
Morgan pan grill  RM 189

3. Cotton candy maker
Do you squeal in delight when you see fluffy cotton candies? We used to and it brings back so many good memories. Your family and friends will enjoy spinning their own dessert!
Cotton candy maker RM125

cotton candy maker


4. Hotpot and grill
Can’t decide between a steamboat or BBQ party? You can have the best of both world with this machine.
Hanabishi Steamboat RM 226



5. Barbeque pit
Like outdoor parties? You might want to consider getting a barbeque pit.
Princess BBQ Pit RM 189


6. Mini fryer and fondue
With this machine, you can either fry party food like nuggets of melt chocolate for a fondue party!
Princess mini fryer and fondue RM 189mini fryer and fondue


7. Grill set
Grill food like a pro with this chef grill set. This fun cooking set features a combination of a grill, raclette and gourmet set as well as a barbecue.
Chef Grilled set RM 329

8. Cupcake maker
Not a baker? It doesn’t mean that you can’t make cupcakes. This machine let you whip up a wonderful batch of cupcakes easily.  Trio Cupcake Maker RM 72cupcake

9. Steamboat
Steamboat restaurants are everywhere in Malaysia. Host one at your home with this steamboat pot. You can have two kinds of soup at one go just like in those restaurants.
Hanabishi Steamboat  RM 159

Screenshot 11:9:13 8:00 PM

10. Frozen fruit ice-cream maker
This machine turn frozen fruit into a delicious and healthy ‘ice-cream’. It uses frozen bananas as its main ingredient and other frozen fruits to churn out a wonderful soft ice-cream consistency with no fat, sugar and preservatives.
Frozen Fruit Ice Cream Maker RM 99

(Note: This machine is not the same as Yonanas)


Which of the above do you want?

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