Homemade Hummus (5 ingredients, 5 minutes)

Quick CookWe’ve heard a lot about the goodness of hummus, a middle-eastern spread and dip. Traditionally, it is made from chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic.

JewelPie: Hummus

Simplifying the recipe
Tahini (roast sesame seed) is not common in Malaysia. So we search for recipes without it and found this from King Arthur Flour. We also wanted to look for the simplest recipe- one that is not fancy and uses a food processor.

JewelPie: Hummus

Health Benefits
Hummus is a popular choice for vegan and vegetarians as it is a good source of protein. It’s high in iron, vitamin C and vitamin B6.
(source: wikipedia)

JewelPie: Hummus

> Canned chickpeas/ garbanzo beans x 1 can of 400 g (We use Kimball)
> Garlic x 3 cloves (We’ve initially used five according to this recipe but we find the garlic overwhelm the chickpeas)
> Sea salt x 1/3 tsp
> Cumin (jintan putih) x 3/4 tsp
> Olive Oil x 3 tbsp

HOW-TO: Step-by-step tutorial
JewelPie: Hummus

1. Drain chickpeas through a colander
2. Place chickpeas, garlic, salt, cumin and olive oil in the blender.
3. Blend until it turns to a paste.

That’s all you need to do for about two cups of creamy, delicious hummus. It’s normally spread of bread or as a dip for vegetables.

JewelPie: Hummus

Enjoy it with fresh carrots, cucumber and celery. You can also eat it with tortilla, crackers or anything else really.

JewelPie: Hummus

Do you enjoy hummus? If you do, what do you normally eat it with?

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