Whenever I’m glued to the telly or desk-bound in my work or project, I always find myself to be needing snacks. However, most of my go-to snacks are bad: they’re so high in sodium, artificial flavourings and preservatives.


As I’m just starting to eat and live more healthily, I thought I’d like to start small by ditching bad snacks and switch to healthier ones. I’m more than happy to be able to try out several snacks from Amazin’Graze, a Malaysian startup specialising in healthy, delicious and affordable treats.


The snacks not only come in colourful and nice packaging, they’re neatly packed in zip lock bags and contain no preservatives & colouring; instead full of antioxidants, high in fibre & protein, rich in calcium, vitamin E, iron & magnesium:

SNACK 1: Salted Gula Melaka Granola


What is it? A burst of Asian delight. Oats, nuts, flaxseeds and berries baked to perfection with homemade pandan infused Gula Melaka syrup.

Ingredients: Rolled oats, flaxseeds, almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, coconut, gula melaka, mulberries, cranberries, Himalayan rock salt, pandan leaves, bienetta, cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil.

Price: RM18.90 (250g)

Taste: This light brown granola is sweet with a subtle taste of saltiness. It’s crunchy and smells like oat cookies. Its sweetness is all-natural because of the gula melaka, which is perfect for those who are wary of consuming processed sugar; and I also love the combination of nuts and berries. I tried having it for breakfast and pour milk onto it; it’s just like eating a typical cereal, only healthier!

SNACK 2: Hazelnut Blackforest Granola


What is it? Dark chocolate granola made from oats, buckwheat & chia seeds with added juicy cherries & cranberries.

Ingredients: Rolled oats, buckwheat, chia seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, cherries, cranberries, black raisins, dark cocoa powder, organic molasses, honey, vanilla extract, Himalayan rock salt, canola oil

Price: RM18.90 (250g)

Taste: This one has got to be my favourite! It feels just like eating chocolate chip cookies, and the best part is I didn’t have the same guilt. The dark brown granola comes in small chunks which easily melts in my mouth, and I love how it has the perfect balance of sweetness, especially when I alternate between eating the granola, the raisins and the nuts. I tried it with a bowl of milk, and it’s just like eating your typical cereal, only healthier!

SNACK 3: Rosemary Pepita Crisp


What is it? Pepitas (pumpkin seeds) tenderly roasted with fresh rosemary, pink Himalayan sea salt and caramel molasses.

Ingredients: Pepitas, fresh rosemary, garlic powder, organic molasses, Himalayan rock salt, bienetta, canola oil.

Price: RM14.90 (100g)

Taste: While I found this savoury crisp to be slightly salty for my taste, I still enjoy how crunchy it is. Unlike the granolas, this snack is better enjoyed while watching TV. The healthier version of popcorn and commercial chips, I’d say. The chips come in huge chunks so you might wanna break them into half to make them into smaller pieces.

SNACK 4: Coconut Curry Lime Nut Mix


What is it? Sweet curry pecans roasted with fragrant coconut and mixed with lime-infused cashews and roasted pepitas.

Ingredients: Pecans, cashews, pepitas, coconut, curry powder, organic molasses, cayenne pepper, lime juice, honey, Himalayan rock salt, bienetta, canola oil.

Price: RM14.90 (120g)

Taste: I absolutely love the sweet curried pecans in this savoury nut mix. The pecans have the most distinct taste compared to the pepitas and cashews, both retaining its original flavour. It’s a perfect mix of taste since the pecans are salty enough, so the other two nicely balance it. Also perfect to be enjoyed during a movie!

Not only are the snacks delicious enough to be eaten on its own, you can also have them for breakfast, particularly the granola ones which you can try with milk, soy, almond milk or greek yoghurt. Frankly, I feel a lot less guilty now when it comes to indulging in these healthy snacks! They’re a good investment for your health (and happiness!).

Ditch your bad snacks and switch to these artisanal snacks! Visit Amazin’Graze for more information.

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