Healthy office snacks #4: Instant Oatmeal

Why instant oatmeal makes a good snack at the office? It is quick, flexible, and makes you feel full. You could add instant oatmeal into any drink you make. But remember to choose one with the least added sugar; a plain one would be the best where you can add honey for taste and nutrition.


Oats are found to increase the hormones responsible in controlling our appetite, improve our immune system, lower bad cholesterol, and help control blood pressure.



  1. Nestle 3-in-1 oats RM 6.59
  2. Chobe brown rice instant oat RM 11.90
  3. Alive Organic NutriLove Crispy Oats RM 85

In terms of making us feel full, also known as the satiety level, oatmeal rank number 3 among the 38 different foods, based on a research in Australia. That means oatmeal has a quality of making us feel fuller than other types of food.

Do you snack on healthy food at work?

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