GST: 25 common food items with 6% tax

The implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) by the government is impending. Instead of whining about the increase in price, perhaps we can look at it more positively and think of the best way to handle it.

There will be no tax on basic goods and essential food items such as fresh vegetable, fruit, bread and meat products. As fresh food are free from GST, we are more compelled to cook using fresh ingredients and learn to rely less on processed food.

Granted, there are some pantry items that we cannot live without. You might want to stock up on some of these food items before the GST kicks in at 6% rate:

1. Baking powder


Nona Baking Powder 70g, RM2.99 | Nona Double Action Baking Powder 40g, RM1.75

2. Aji-No-Moto


 Aji-No-Moto 150g, RM 3.40 | Aji-No-Moto Flavour Enhancer 35g, RM 1.00

3. Cheese


Anchor Cheddar Cheese 12 slices 200g, RM8.50 | Arla Apetina Classic Cheese 200g, RM12.50

4. Drinking water


 Spritzer Drinking Water 1500ml, RM2.70 | Kooler Drinking Water 500ml, RM0.49 

5. Essences (baking flavouring)


Star Brand Artificial Chocolate Flavour 25ml, RM1.79 | Nuri Pati Pandan 25ml, RM3.69

6. Fish balls


Fusipim Fish Ball 400g, RM4.40 | Figo Taro Fish Ball 500g, RM8.29

7. Glucose

Glucose Glucolin Blackcurrent Glucose with Vitamin C 420g, RM11.49 | Ribena Glucose 1L, RM12.85

8. Horlicks


Horlicks 3 in 1 Instant Cereal Drink 10x32g, RM10.99 | Horlicks Nutritious Malted Drink 400g, RM10.99

9. Instant Tomyam paste


Adabi Thai Tomyam Paste 200g, RM4.80 | Knorr Tomyam Paste 180g, RM9.39

10. Jam


Eva Strawberry Jam 450g, RM3.68 | Deli Gold Pineapple Jam 450g, RM7.99

11. Kaya


Habhal’s Cap Kipas Udang Sri Kaya 240g, RM4.49 | Daisy Recipe Seri Kaya 480g, RM5.29  

12. Longan (canned)


ESB Longan in Syrup 565g, RM5.59 | Pa’La King Longan in Syrup 565g, RM6.99

13. Margerine


Naturel Reduced Salt Margerine 250g, RM4.90 | Olive-Gold with Olive Oil Margerine 500g, RM10.99

14. Nescafe 


Nescafe 3in1 Mild Premix Coffee 37x20g, RM9.88 | Nescafe Classic Refill 200g, RM16.99

15. Olive oil


Allegro Mild Taste 100% Olive Oil 250ml, RM9.99 | Basso Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml, RM11.29

16. Potato fries


Ayamas Amy Crinkle Cut 1kg, RM6.99 | Golden Chips Crinkle Cut French Fried Potatoes 1kg, RM5.98

17. Peas (processed) 


Marina Processed Peas 425g, RM3.05 | KG Frozen Garden Peas 500g, RM4.00

18. Rendang paste


Adabi Perencah Rendang Paste 120g, RM2.89 | MasFood Instant Rendang Curry Paste 200g, RM4.60

19. Tuna (canned)


Marina Flakes in Vegetable Oil Tuna 185g, RM5.29 | King Cup Brand Tuna Flakes Sunflower Oil 185g, RM5.30 | Ayam Brand Chunks Tuna Sunflower Oil 185g, RM5.69 | Bumble Bee Chilli Tuna 185g, RM4.49

20. Chicken nuggets


Ayamas Crispy Tempura Nugget 850g, RM9.98 | CP Golden Crispy Tempura Nugget 700g, RM12.49

21. Sugar (with the exceptions of cubes, refined sugar, and granulated sugar)


Gula Prai Castor Sugar 500g, RM1.99 | Gula Prai Icing Sugar 500g, RM2.19

22. Instant noodle


Cintan Instant Noodle Asam Laksa 5 x 76g, RM4.49 | Maggi 2 Minute Instant Chicken Noodle 5 x 77g, RM3.49 

23. Soy sauce


Jalen Soy Sauce 325ml, RM2.80 | Adabi Sweet Soy Sauce 340ml, RM3.20

24. Cili boh


MANJA Cili boh, RM 1. 99

25. Coconut cream

coconut cream

DAPUR Instant Coconut Cream, RM 1. 40 | KARA Instant Coconut Cream, RM 1. 99 |


For a complete list of taxable and non-taxable goods, download the GST List by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department. It could be useful the next time you go for grocery shopping.

photo credit: TESCO

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