Growing celery in a bowl of water

We are curious and careful creatures. We don’t believe in everything we see or hear; we question, research and experiment. celeryinpot-JewelPie1

As we were looking for time-saving ideas at Pinterest (follow us!), we’ve seen people growing celery in a pot of water. We wondered if works and whether a whole celery can be grown out of it.Grow Celery In A Bowl Of Water - JewelPie

So we decided to do an experiment.


> Stem of a bunch of celery
> Bowl
> Water

HOW-TO: (A step-by-step tutorial)celeryinbowl

1. Cut off the stem of the celery leaving the bottom part
2. Put it in a bowl
3. Fill the bowl with water and place it in a sunny place.

In a few days time, you can see it sprout!Grow Celery In A Bowl Of Water - JewelPie

While you may it may not be enough to eat, the green bowl of celery makes a beautiful addition to our home. We enjoyed looking at it growing beside the pot of spring onions by our window sill.


The next time you buy celery, remember to keep the stem and give this a try!

Have you grown anything at home? Let us know so that we can try our hands on something new!

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