GROCERY HAUL #1: How much fruits can you buy with RM 30?

rm30groceryhaulRM 30 Grocery Haul - Fruits

Since the implementation of GST, we’ve been feeling the pinch every time we buy groceries and other things. We thought that if we shop smarter, we could stretch our Ringgit and still get nutritious food for our family.

Here’s our first installment on ‘grocery haul’. This time, we’ll focus on fruits. How can you buy a huge amount and a variety of fruits with RM 30?

I live in a family of four. The aim is to buy a week worth of fruits for four adults and consume about 1 to 2 servings of fruit per person every day.

grocery haul


  • I aim for five to six different types of fruits. It should be be colourful so that we’ll get different nutrient. I also want to add variety to my family’s diet; though banana might be cheap and filling, I don’t want to be having it everyday!
  • Due to time constraint, I chose mostly fruits that are easy to eat such as apples and banana.
  • Try to get fruits that are on sale.
    • Guava was RM3.99/kg but now at RM2.49/kg (near 40% discount!)
    • Star fruit was RM 2.49 but now at RM 1.99 (20% discount)
  •  Pineapple, apple and banana were choices I made not based solely on price. They’re great to make smoothies and to be included into main meals.

While I was shopping, I was just doing a rough calculation. For this series, we don’t want to be too precise with the RM 30 budget since nobody shops that way. But I was rather please that it amounts to RM 29.97!


RM 30 Grocery Haul - Fruits 4


  • Imported fruits such as apples and berries will be much more expensive compared to local fruits. No kiwi for me though I really like it.
  • However, apples are still affordable. Though a serving of apple cost RM 0.82 while most other local fruits range between RM0.40-0.65 per serving. It’s almost 30 to 50% savings if you buy local fruits!
  • There were 2 types of guavas: with seed and without seed. Seedless guava will be twice of regular ones. So yes, I will happily remove the seed to save some ringgit.

RM 30 Grocery Haul - Fruits 2

  • I had a big bunch of bananas and they were all ripe. I know it’s impossible to finish them over the next few days. What did I do? Freezing half of it in a zip lock bag to preserve its freshness. Since banana is rather versatile, we may use it for other recipes such as banana ice-cream or banana muffin.
  • When certain fruits are on sale such as guava or star fruits, you buy more of it for that particular week to get more savings.

We mainly ate the fruit as it is. We’ve also made banana toast, a salad and juice (if you really want to get more bang for your buck, make smoothie instead and enjoy the fibre).

  • Pineapple, apple & ginger juice : 1 serving pineapple, 5 red/green apple, ½ inch fresh ginger & 300ml water. This will yield about 4 cups of 200ml each.
  • Salad for lunchbox: 5 florets of broccoli, ½ carrot, 1 boiled egg, ¼ can tuna, add some vinegar and olive oil as dressing. To spice it up, add one chopped apples.


Buying fruits with a budget and eating plan in mind has been helpful in making sure I have enough fruits at home to last for a week. My family and I have almost finished all the fruits by the end of the week (except two frozen bananas) which we will keep to make frozen ice-cream.

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