Layered Green Tea Mousse (10 min + 7 ingredient)

This is hands down one of the easiest dessert I’ve ever made. It requires only 7 ingredients and 10 minutes to prepare. No oven or a stand mixer needed. The results? Glasses of rich, pastel coloured mousse with a lovely taste of green tea. Sweet, milky and pretty.

This recipe is adapted from New Japanese Kitchen by Kyoko Rabbetts, and is originally called the Sakura and Matcha Mousse. As it reminds me of Christmas colours, I thought I’ll make it for this year’s Christmas party.

green tea and sakura mousse

Active time: 10 minutes
Waiting time: 3 – 5 hours to chill
Makes: 3 glasses


Milk x 180 ml
Sugar  x 3 tbsp
Whipping cream x 130 ml
Gelatin powder x 2 tsp
Water x 2 tbsp

Coloured layers
Matcha (Japanese green tea powder) x 1/2 tbsp
Red colouring x few drops

Small bowl x 2
Measuring spoons
Glasses x 3
Serving glasses x 3
Stirrer/ chopsticks x 2

green tea and sakura mousse 3



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