Frying without oil? 10 air fryers in Malaysia

We’ve been using the first generation Philips air-fryer and have tested Tefal’s Actifry (click for review).  As these big brand do a lot of marketing, we really thought that we only have two choice if we want to experience frying things without/ with less oil.

Tefal Actifry Malaysia Chicken Wings

However, that is not the case. Although you might not see them in mainstream departmental stores and electronic shops, there are plenty of other fryer available in the market.

1. PHILIPS Airfryer
The latest Philips Airfryer is equiped with digital screen for easy control of time and temperature. The timer allows you to pre-set cooking times of up to 60 minute and temperature control let you to pre-set the best cooking temperature for your food up to 200 degrees.
RM 1399 from Lazada SHOP NOW



2. TEFAL Actifry
The major difference between Tefal’s actifry and Philip’s airfryer is that the former comes with a handle that allows you to mix food together. (Click to read our review on TEFAL’s Actifry)
RM 850 from Lazada SHOP NOW


3. CHEF BEE Oil-free Air Fryer
RM 599 from Lazada SHOP NOW


4. MECK Air Fryer
RM 550 from Lazada SHOP NOW


5. PROMAX Air Fryer
Crispy fries with up to 80% less fat in just 12 minutes.
RM 449 from Lazada SHOP NOW


6. BUFFALO Smart Air Fryer
It comes with a rotating function like Tefal’s Actifry.
RM 998 from Lazada SHOP NOW

buffalo air fryer

7. iDOVER Air Fryer
RM 355 from Lazada SHOP NOW


RM 659 from Lazada SHOP NOW


10L Cooking Capacity
RM 439 from Lazada SHOP NOW

10L Cooking Capacity
RM 555 from Lazada SHOP NOW

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