Fried Ikan Bilis / Anchovies in microwave (3 minutes)

Quick Cook: quick and fresh meals in minutesWe think that every household should have a bottle of fried ikan bilis (anchovies) at all time.
Fried Ikan Bilis - JewelPie

They are essential for nasi lemak and make great addition for congee, green vegetables and instant noodles. You can even eat it on its own- like fish crackers.

Fried Ikan Bilis - JewelPie

We didn’t like how time consuming it normally is to make these crunchy snack. We also hated the hassle of washing the wok and cleaning up splattered oil. So we came up with a few tips and tricks to make frying these little fishes a breeze:

Fried Ikan Bilis - JewelPie


1. Buy peeled ikan bilis to save time from cleaning it.
2. Use the microwave instead of frying it over the stove.
3. Put a cover over the bowl of ikan bilis when cooking in the microwave to prevent dirtying it.

Fried Ikan Bilis - JewelPie


> Anchovies / Ikan bilis (peeled and washed)
> Vegetable oil
> Bowl
> Paper napkins
> Plate


Fried Ikan Bilis - JewelPie(1) Pour vegetable oil into a bowl of washed and peeled anchovies. The oil should just cover the anchovies. (2) Pop it in the microwave for about 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This depends a lot on your microwave. (3) Dish out the anchovies into paper napkins. (4) Let it cool for about two minute and then (2) transfer it into an air-tight container.

Now you can enjoy your homemade ikan bilis anytime!

Fried Ikan Bilis - JewelPie

Fried Ikan Bilis - JewelPie

How do you like to eat your fried ikan bilis? Let us know at the comment box below or at Facebook!

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