Fresh Seafood Delivery in Kuala Lumpur KL 2020

My family is very particular about buying fresh seafood. Before the Movement Control Order, we would occasionally go to Kuala Selangor to buy heaps of freshly caught seafood and freeze them immediately. We’ll also get fresh fish from selected fish monger in our nearby market which we know sell super fresh catch.

Now and for some time, due to Coronavirus, we are probably going to avoid going out too much and too far. So I’ve found a few fish suppliers which do delivery. I hope it can satisfy our need for fresh seafood…


Seafresh sells seafood directly from fishermen to customers. They hand pick each seafood then scale, gut, clean, vacuum pack, and flash freeze the seafood to ensure freshness. They sell ‘catch of the day’ box worth RM 180.


(Whatsapp: 018-958 8018)


This supplier has a seafood packaging facility at Selangor, this ensures efficiency and consistency of standards. It has a wide selection of marine products, with a specialty in frozen salmon, prawns, shrimps and soft shell crab.

You will have to order through their Facebook page.

MCO Set B (RM105.00)
1) Saba fillet 2pcs/pkt – 2 pkts
2) Salmon portion 160-180g – 4 pcs
3) Cooked prawn 31-40 – 1 pkt
4) Half shell scallop 250gm – 1 pkt



The Seafood Market brings in freshly frozen seafood from Sandakan, Sabah. fishes are caught from Sulu Sea, gutted, cleaned and frozen soon after arriving on Sandakan shores. Shellfish like prawns are also wild-caught from Sandakan waters, while scallops and abalones are from Semporna waters.

Minimum order of RM 130. Free delivery with purchases above RM 250. Delivers to Klang Valley only. You can order through Whatsapp: 0126409528, 0122259015



This supplier has a large selection of local favourites like black pomfret caught and even yong tau foo. Fish are caught in the Straits of Malacca and has its landing base at Sungai Besar.


I’m compiling a list of fresh groceries suppliers for vegetables, chicken, seafood, and dried goods which do deliveries to houses:

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