I absolutely adore home-cooked meals. They’re normally prepared with healthier cooking method, contains zero MSG, and overall made with love. Imagine my delight when I discovered Kotak Lunch, a food delivery service specialising in home-cooked meals.


This new food delivery service is founded and run by a passionate self-taught cook. A former restaurant owner, she now decided to continue her passion for food through delivering meals to busy working adults. So you can expect lunch to be comparable to restaurants…except that is is cooked at home.


I love the simple packaging. Meals are packed neatly in plastic box with dividers. The meals smell so aromatic, my appetite grew even before I remove the lid. Each meal comes with a side fruit and salad (salad varies depending on dish) and the portion are huge enough to fill a hungry tummy.

DISH 1: Parmesan Chicken Cutlet with Rocket Salad


What is it? Pan fried chicken cutlet coated with seasoned breadcrumb blend with Parmesan Cheese.

Main Ingredients: Chicken cutlet, Parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, rocket leaves, walnuts

Price: RM20.00

Taste: The taste and texture is well-balanced. The chicken is lean and tender, not oily yet juicy enough. It’s also savoury without being too salty. For extra zing, squeeze some lemon on it.

Thoughts: At first sight, I thought it was fish and chips, minus the chips. The chicken is nicely breaded and fried. There’s no crumbs falling apart, unlike most breaded chicken that I’ve tried before. I like that the dark appearance of the chicken breast is complemented with the contrastingly bright colours of diced watermelon and avocado salad, making the dish looks inviting.

DISH 2: Grilled Chicken with Avocado Quinoa Salad


What is it? Chicken breast marinade in mixed herbs and balsamic vinegar grilled to perfection. Accompanied by quinoa cooked in chicken stock.

Main Ingredients: Chicken breast, mixed herbs, balsamic vinegar, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, quinoa, chicken stock

Price: RM20.00

Taste: The quinoa is soft in texture and is juicy and flavourful. I can taste every single ingredient thrown in it (diced cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced red onion). Like Dish 1, the chicken breast is juicy enough without being too dry. Overall the dish is simply a good combination of sweetness, softness and juiciness.

Thoughts: I’m normally apprehensive when it comes to eating chicken breast, as I thought they’re the least tasty part of chicken since it has too much meat. That said the chicken was perfectly marinaded that it gives it a good taste. This is definitely one of my favourites.

DISH 3: Seafood Pasta with Homemade Pesto


What is it? Perfect match of seafood and pesto. Each strand of Fettuccine pasta is coated with Kotak Lunch’s rich homemade pesto.

Main Ingredients: Fettuccine pasta, pesto, prawn, squid, tomato

Price: RM20.00

Taste: The pasta is quite filling, and tastes slightly pungent and salty. It’s so aromatic and noticeable that I could smell how fresh the homemade pesto is. The prawn and squid are juicy and chewy.

Thoughts: Also one of my favourites of the five dishes, I love how the pasta melts in my mouth. In fact, the aroma is so strong, that this is the first box my nose noticed when it was delivered.

DISH 4: Eggplant and Pepper Penne


What is it? A refreshing meatless dish packed with sweetness and natural flavours from the veggies.

Main Ingredients: Capers, basil, red and yellow pepper

Price: RM18.00

Taste: For someone who doesn’t eat a lot of Italian food, I found this dish to be cheesy and savoury for me. It’s nicely complemented with the softness and juiciness of eggplant, peppers and capers which also adds aroma to the dish.

Thoughts: This is the most colourful dish, and one of the most filling. I was already feeling quite full, halfway through eating it. I personally like the texture of the pasta when chewing it.

DISH 5: Chicken Tikka Masala with Cucumber Raita and Steamed Basmati Rice


What is it? An English curry dish that is packed with flavours from the mix of several Indian spices such as cardamom and turmeric.

Main Ingredients: Chicken, coconut milk, tomato purée, mix spices

Price: RM20.00

Taste: Unlike local curry, it is thicker, creamier and not too spicy. It’s very aromatic with the inclusion of spices and chopped coriander leaves. The chicken is lean and juicy, it melts in my mouth.

Thoughts: Also one of the heavier meals, this dish is enough to last me a few hours without feeling hungry and craving for something more.



  • The meals are pork-free and alcohol-free
  • Meals can be ordered individually or on subscription basis (5-day meals)
  • 10% off for subscription meal
  • Meatless vegetarian meals are special every Thursday
  • Seafood meals are special every Friday
  • Online order should be made before 8pm the day before the scheduled delivery
  • Order is based on the menu of the day of delivery
  • Areas covered: Petaling Jaya, Setia Alam, Subang, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur
  • Delivery on weekdays only (excluding public holidays)
  • Delivery time: 11.30am-12.30pm
  • No delivery fee is charged
  • There is no minimum order


Would you order these dishes from Kotak Lunch?

Kotak Lunch’s story started with their founder having the passion to provide wholesome meal to her loved ones for each and every meal.  She started researching and learning from the great chefs from all around the world, and experimented with her own recipes too.  
After several years of dishing out wholesome home-cooked meals, their founder is setting out on a new mission to deliver home-cooked wholesome meals to busy people out there.  Be rest assured, each and every meal is prepared by their founder.  Your meal is guaranteed to be home-cooked and wholesome.
Website: Kotak Lunch

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