FOOD DELIVERY REVIEW: Healthy Ever After Eating Plan

Ever since writing about food delivery services in Klang Valley, we’ve been meaning to try them and let JewelPie reader know how the service and food taste like. During Black Friday, we’ve ordered Healthy Ever After One Day Eating Plan and received 15% off the whooping price tag wasof RM 99. Here’s what Sara think….

healthy ever after malaysia

BREAKFAST: Apple Crumble Parfait
What I thought is a light breakfast turned out to be surprisingly filling! This cold parfait contains oats, almond, sunflower seed – food with low GI that will keep your energy high for a longer time. As I received this only at 9.30 am and ate about that time, my stomach was kept happy until 2 pm.

I could taste and I was happily eating chunks of apples and oats. This parfait has good texture and the nutrient content, the taste might not be appealing to those who are used to sugar-laden breakfast or rarely have oat porridge for breakfast. If taste is very important to you, I suggest adding slices of banana or a spoonful of honey.


LUNCH: Basil Rainbow Rolls
Think of this as vegetarian popiah with spicy sauce. Basil rainbow rolls contains avocados, kale and herbs such as cilantro and basil. It doesn’t only look appetising, I like the crunch and the special dressing made from ginger and other herbs is amazingly delicious.

I can’t believe I’m eating so much vegetables and ingesting so much goodness. Though if I order this again, I probably wouldn’t pop it in the fridge as I like to eat my food warm rather than cold. I have to admit that cheated. As I am not used to eating only vegetables, I needed something more substantial. So I ate it with some pizza that was meant for dinner.

Basil Rainbow Rolls

DINNER: Jingle Bells Pizza
If you order a healthy plan that advocated a more holistic living, you probably wouldn’t pop this into the microwave to heat it up. So I toasted it in the oven instead until its piping hot! Jingle Bells Pizza is a light dinner with crust made with herbed pumpkin, sunflower seeds and almond with a spread of pimiento pesto. It’s topped with a variety of vegetables – red bell peppers, dehydrated mushrooms, pineapple, carrots and zucchini.

Don’t expect it to taste anything like a regular pizza. The crust is not made with flour and it is without cheese. The pizza tasted is more sweet than savoury. It’s tasted rather good though I admit I miss the cheese…


HEALTH EVER AFTER, like JewelPie, advocate a balanced life and a balanced diet. We like a little note that we received along with our meals; it reminds you to drink enough water, have 8 hours sleep and be active! Here is other important things to note:

  • You have an option of a One day, Three days or Five days Eating Plan
  • You can place your orders via phone, Whatsapp, SMS or online. Payment can be made through bank transfer or PayPal
  • All the meals for the day are prepared at 5am in the morning and delivered daily from Tuesdays to Saturdays
  • You will receive 3 meals in total: breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Meals will be delivered to your home or office in the morning. There are two slots available 7 – 9 am or 9 – 11 am. We took the 7 – 9 am slot but the food only arrived at 9.30 am.
  • Lunch and dinner should be stored in a refrigerator


Was I hungry? No. At least not until dinner. The portion is large enough for me on a hectic working day where I pay less attention to eating. Though I must admit it’s very difficult for a non-vegetarian and carb-lover like me to go gluten-free and meat-free even it’s just for a day.

While I do believe in eating well, I normally have healthy portion of animal produce (white meat and seafood) and substantial non-animal protein (e.g dhal or tofu). I eat carbs in the form of unrefined brown rice. By dinner time, I was craving for grilled fish or baked chicken…

I resisted my urge and wish I had bought kale chips and Haute Chocolate to curb my cravings. Eventually, I snacked on some bananas and went to bed earlier.

Healthy Ever After Malaysia

HEALTHY EVER AFTER eating plan, due to its price, is definitely not the solution to your long-term plan to eat healthy. However, if you would like to have a food detox for a few days and wouldn’t mind splurging on your health, you will enjoy the convenience of having nutrient-dense food delivered to your doorstep. It comes with a cute cooler bag to boot and it’s for you to keep.

health ever after 2

Does your body need a spring clean? Order your eating plan at

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