Folding fancy paper serviette in 5 seconds

Entertaining at home in our busy lifestyle seem absurd to some people. Why bother when it’s easier to dine out? However, cooking and eating at home gives a kind of intimacy that no restaurant can mimic. Besides, it’s entirely possibly to  throw a diner party even if you rarely enter the kitchen (Check out how to throw a dinner party when you can’t cook).


When I have friends over, I like to put little finishing touches e.g a lighted candle. Little details makes dining at home a little bit more special. Recently, instead of laying colourful paper serviette on the plate, I decided to turn them into ‘flower napkin’. It only takes 5 seconds but makes a lovely difference!


Paper napkin
Water glass


serviette jewelpie
1. Choose a paper serviette that suit your dinnerware.
2. Open the napkin completely.
3. Pinch the middle of the napkin with your thumb and forefinger.
4. Shake it and place it in a glass.
5. Fold the ends over to mimic a bloomed flower.
6. You’re done!
Voila! It looked like you put a lot of effort in setting the dinner table when you only spend very little time!

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