FIVE FAVS: Natural, rose-scented goodies

five favs rose scented

We love flowers, whether when displayed at home or when used in cosmetics. Rose is one of our top favourite. It has a deep, sweet and romantic fragrance, and it’s one of the most precious essential oil with the ability to repair mature skin. We’ve handpicked some of our favourite rose-scented products:

Five Favs - Rose Scented Goodies

(1) L’Erbolario Drawer Sachet (RM 28) – Shouldn’t our clothing, especially inner garments, be lightly scented too? Slip this rose-scented sachet into your drawer to perfume your clothing or linens MORE…

(2) MELVITA Rose Extraordinary Water, 100 ml (RM 98) – Though its branded as ‘water’, the consistency is slightly gel-like. Melvita likened it to droplet of dew – it doesnt’ run and it’s not sticky. The extraordinary water contains hyaluronic acid derived from GMO-free soya to plump the skin dermis, leaving it hydrated. SHOP

(3) L’Occitane, Jardin Secret Gentle Body Milk, 250 ml (RM 127) – This body milk enriched with rose water melts into the skin to moisturise and envelope you in an elegant rose scent. SHOP

(4) DIPTYQUE, Roses Scented Candle 70g  (RM 135) – The coveted Diptque candle is made to smell of tender, freshly picked bouquet. Your room will smell as sweet as the queen of flowers.

(5) L’Erbolario Rose Perfumed Talc (RM 80) – The hot weather don’t have to make you feel sticky and smell unpleasant. A floral scented talcum powder will take care of it.

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