Find The Quest That Will Bring Purpose To Your Life: 3 Simple Steps

There will come a point in your life where you’ll reflect and ask “Is that all there is? There’s got to be more to life”. Many of us are so busy living and chasing all the things that we may not need, for the sake of impressing people we may not really care about in the first place, only to realise one day that we’re living a life full of unfulfilled needs and regrets. This can be crushing and soul-sucking.
Some would perform drastic changes in life to compensate, some make a career transition, others pack their bags and leave to travel the world. No one wants to live an ordinary life, which is why it’s never too late for you to pursue your dreams by embarking on a quest. Follow these 3 simple steps to embark on your quest:
1.Choose and plan your quest
What is it that you’ve always wanted to do in the back of your mind? Perhaps you’d like to learn Italian. Maybe you’re thinking of opening a pop-up store. Hey, what about that calligraphy project you’ve been wanting to start? Whatever it is, choose and plan your quest that aligns with your values. Every good quest has a deadline, so include the following details: Goal, Deadline, Next Step. 
2. Make a daily down payment on your quest
How much time (and money) is needed in order for you to make your dreams a reality? Look at your ‘Quest List’ and figure out what will it take and what will it require. At the beginning of a quest, you should estimate the toll it will take. What will achieving your goal require? Include the following details: Goal, Time, Money, Other Costs, Unknown.
 3. Overcome challenges along the way
Once you’ve figured out your quest list and what it takes and what it requires, you’ll have an inkling of the possible obstacles that may arise. Figure out how you’ll overcome these obstacles and set deadlines to each.
Not everyone will believe in your dreams, and you may face rejections and other hurdles along the way which will deter you from your dreams. If you’ve ever thought of not doing it, you’d always wonder so you might as well go for it. We wish you good luck on your journey to embark on a fulfilling life!

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Social entrepreneur and lifestyle architect Chris Guillebeau helps you find genuine life fulfilment by undertaking a quest or challenge that is big and ambitious, that involves surpassing the limits most people accept as part of their routine-filled lives and making an actual difference. Your own quest needn’t involve travel at all. What’s needed is commitment and progressive accomplishment, losing oneself in a task – whether it be a physical journey, an artistic enterprise, a philanthropic feat, even an act of political protest. RM59.90

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