5 Natural & Organic red lipsticks

As we think about what we put into our stomach, we gradually learn to care about what we put on our face and lips. It is argued that if you wouldn’t eat petroleum for dinner, you wouldn’t want to put it on your lips. That thinking had led to more and more women giving up on wearing red lipstick which potentially contain toxic ingredients (Read: Lead In Lipsticks by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics).


Does that mean that we have to give up beautiful red lips? Definitely not. We can choose lipsticks which derive its red hue from natural pigments and are free of heavy-metal chemical colour. Lipstick can be made without petrochemical, paraben, talc and need not be tested on animals. Here are some natural lipstick made from plant oil, plant wax and herbs.


This red lippie is made with organic Jojoba oil, sunflower oil and is rich in vitamin C.
BMS Organics RM 85.00

We love how this lipstick cover is made from a chic bamboo case. Packaging aside, it has carnauba wax (known as ‘the queen of waxes’) added into the formulation which help protect the lips against external element. The lipsticks are made with 70% organic ingredients and are 100% natural.
World Organics RM 87.00

3. PAUL PENDERS (Raspberry)
Paul Pender is gem which Paul Pender’s lipstick is made with 22 organic herbs and natural plant oil which makes this lipstick extra moisturising.
Paul Penders RM 68.00

4. ZUII CERTIFIED ORGANICS Flora Lipstick (Classic Red)
Zuii Flora Lipstick is reinforced wit jojoba and sunflower oil. It also contains Aloe Vera which is rich in vitamin B1, B2, B6 and Calcium.
Lazada RM 88.00

5. PAUL PENDERS (Cinnabar)
If you’re not into fiery red lipstick but would like to sport a dramatic lips, you’ll love Paul Pender’s Cinnabar. It has a beautiful orange tint which compliments olive complexion.
Paul Penders RM 68.00
natural lipstick swatches

What kind of lipstick are you using? Are you considering changing to a more natural lipstick?

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