FAT SPOON’S Ice-blended Lychee with mint (5 ingredients)

At JewelPie, we like to incorporate fruits, vegetables and herbs into drinks. Check out these drinks: watermelon yoghurt drink, limau asam boi and detox drink.

ice blended lychee

Naturally, at The Fat Spoon Cookbook launch party, we fell in love with their signature ice-blended lychee and mint. We were pleasantly surprise to know that it’s made with canned lychee (That makes this drink a convenient for parties)

lychee drink

Serves: 3

INGREDIENTS (Original recipe)
Lychees (canned) x 24 whole
Lychee syrup (canned) x 150 ml
Sugar water x 45 ml
Ice cubes x 6 – 7 scoop
Mint leaves, julienned x 18

lychee drinsk ingredients

1. Blend the whole lychees, lychee syrup from the can and ice-cubes until ice are crushed.

2. Pour content into a glass and sprinkle with mint leaves cut into thin strips.

simple syrup 2


  • Learn how to make quick simple syrup without a stove and in one minute
  • Counting lychees is too cumbersome when  you just want to make a quick drink. Instead of 24 whole lychees as instructed, we used the whole can of lychee.
  • Though mint leaves makes beautiful garnishing to an otherwise pale drink, it is not necessary. We omitted it as we couldn’t get our hands on mints. So we compensate with a colourful stirrer and straw.

lychee drink 2


  • As we are not sure what ‘scoop’ means, we use about 1 1/2 cup of ice or about 15 cubes.
  • Keep a few canned lychee in your pantry so that you can whip up delicious drinks for unexpected guests.
  • The colour of the drink depends on the lychee. Ours turned out to be lovely peachy colour!

Have you tried this drink at the Fat Spoon Cafe before?

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