Fast & foolproof French Manicure….with stickers!

Elegant and versatile, French Manicure is an all-time favorite. We love the my-nails-but-better look and that it matches every outfit.


The only complain? To create a beautiful manicure, one will need an incredibly steady hands with great precision.

JewelPie- Fast & Foolproof French Manicure

At JewelPie, we are all about making beautiful things in a simple way. JewelPie- French Manicure

We found a trick to create a perfect manicure. The secret ingredient is….enforcement ring stickers!

JewelPie - French Manicure

> Pink nail polish
> White nail polish
> Reinforcement rings stickers (available at stationery shop or bookstore)


JewelPie- Fast & Foolproof French Manicure

  1. Place stickers on your nails Adjust to see how huge you want the tip to be. We like to follow the natural white tip of our nails.
  2. Paint white polish on the tip and let it dry As the rest of the nails will be covered with stickers, you will get a perfect rounded white tip. But remember to let it dry completely. It’s important to achieve a perfect white tip.
  3. Remove stickers When the white polish dries, carefully remove the sticker.
  4. Paint a layer of nude/pink polish over it and you’re done!


There you go- a fast and foolproof manicure. If you have a little more time, apply a base coat before putting on the stickers and finish the manicure with a layer of top coat. They ensure a longer lasting manicure.


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