EVERNOTE SUNDAY #4: Email recipes from Evernote


In our previous Evernote Sunday series, we have shown you how we use Evernote to:

1. Keep and organise recipes
2. Turn physical cookbooks into digital copies
3. Save online recipes in just one click


Cooking to us is not just a necessity. Its for enjoyment, health and love. We love pleasing the tastebuds and soothing the tummies of our love ones through food. Whenever we found a great recipe, we like to share it with our family and friends. With Evernote, it’s easy to do that.

Recently, we found an amazing recipe for roast tomato soup from Ina Garten of Barefoot Contessa. It was so good we’ve made a few pots of them in two weeks! We tweaked it a little using local ingredients. My sister asked for it and so I just send it to her my revised copy.


A pot of roast tomato soup. We like sharing good recipes with family and friends

Step-by-step tutorial on how to email recipes to a friend/family via Evernote

STEP 1: Save & keep recipes in Evernote
If you haven’t already keep recipes in Evernote, find out how we organise them here. With web clipper, we are able to save recipes we found online with just one click.


STEP 2: Search for the recipe
We have heaps of recipes in our Evernote but it’s easy to search for them. Simply type in search or find it via tags like ‘soup’. In this recipe, we put some notes on things we’ve substituted and how it turned out.


STEP 3: Click share icon
Click the share icon on the top right of the note. You will have the option to share the recipe via message, Twitter, Facebook and Mail.


STEP 4: Click ‘Share icon’ Send email
Choose the Mail icon, write an address and click send. That’s it!


When someone asked for a recipe, you could ask them to google it or send the link you’ve found. With Evernote, you can send the entire page on top of your own notes. We feel it’s much personal that way.

Do you have any brilliant ideas on how you use Evernote to increase productivity and save time? Let us know!

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