EVERNOTE SUNDAY #3: Save recipes with just one click

Whenever we feel like making a new dish we will google for a recipe. We always keep good recipes so we don’t need to search for it again. All recipes we’ve found are kept in Evernote for easy reference (See how we organise recipes in Evernote here).

Evernote Sunday #3: Save recipes in just one click using web clipper

We used to copy and paste the ingredients, instructions and photos into a document. With Evernote web clipper, we can save all the information (recipe, photos, URL) in just one click.

Evernote Sunday #3: Save recipes in just one click using web clipper


STEP 1: Download web clipper
Download Evernote web clipper here. It’s a short link at the toolbar which allows you to save the entire webpage directly into Evernote.


STEP 2: Click web clipper to save recipe
When you’ve found a recipe that you like, click web clipper to save. On our tablet, it appear as ‘Clip to Evernote’.


STEP 3: Set your default notebook
Depending on what you normally save into Evernote, set the default notebook to the one you normally save webpages. As we normally save recipes, our default notebook is “Internet recipes”.

You set your default notebook in your computer. Go to Evernote > Preference


This clipper saved us a lot of time. It helped us collect heaps of recipes we would otherwise not be motivated to save.

Do you use Evernote? Share with us any tips you have to help you organize your life.

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