EVERNOTE SUNDAY #2: Turn recipes from cookbooks into digital recipes


What do you do with your favourite recipes in cookbooks? You dog-ear that page or stick a post-it note on it. The next time you want to try the recipe, you’ll flip through the book.


With Evernote, you can digitise that particular recipe and keep it in your own digital cookbook. When you want that particular recipe from Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape Southeast Asia cookbook, just make a simple search in Evernote.



STEP 1: Take a photo
Take a photo of the recipe. You can also take a photo directly in Evernote app.

Taking a photo in Evernote app might be straightforward, however we prefer not to. We wanted the option of rotating the photo and ensure the photos are clear.


STEP 2: Save in notebook
Create a new note and add the photo recipe inside. You can add tags like ‘cakes’ and ‘dessert’.

We personally save the note under ‘Cookbook Recipe’ notebook which we stacked under ‘Recipes’. We’ve also mentioned in our previous article, Keep & Organise Recipes In Evernote, that we like to begin each recipe with its category. In this case, it’s labelled as CAKES: Peanut Butter Ganache CakeEVERNOTE SUNDAY #2: Turn recipes from cookbooks into digital recipes

STEP 3: Search for recipe
Evernote can detect words in a photo. In the future, when you feel like making ‘Peanut Butter Ganache Cake’, just search for it in Evernote and your recipe will appear.Evernote-JewelPie4

That’s it! Now your new recipe is stored in all your devices (computer, smart phone and tablet) and can be assessed anywhere!

Do you use Evernote? Drop us a comment on how you use Evernote!

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